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X-Blades - Nah buat sobat yang suka game Action Adventure bisa coba X-Blades ini, X-Bladesmemang berbeda dengan game action adventure yang lain karena di X-Blades ini jagoannya cewek. X-Blades adalah game yang diterbitkan oleh South Peak Interactive di tahun 2009 dengan judul X-blades, silahkan sobat Download Game X-Blades (PC/ENG) Gratis Link Mediafire di bawah ini cekidot.

Free Download Game X-Blades (PC/ENG) Gratis Link Mediafire

X-Blades is a hack-and-slash style action-adventure game in which the player must fight monsters, using a pair of gun blades and spells, through indoor and outdoor levels in order to progress. Monsters are encountered in both preset numbers and in areas with Monster Generators which spawn both standard and boss opponents until they are destroyed. Power-ups and coin fragments which grant different upgrades are hidden throughout the game. Power-ups include combat techniques, magic, weapon enhancements, and teleportation. Also earned throughout the game are experience points which can be converted into skills. These skills are of either "light" or "dark" alignment and the use of them has an effect on whether the player receives the "light" or "dark" ending.

X-Blades - System requirements:
Processore Pentium 4,2 Mhz
256 MB di ram
scheda acceleratrice 3D 32Mb richiesta (Geforce 2 o Ati Radeon 7500 minimo)
sistema operativo Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
2500 MB di spazio libero su Hard-Disk
lettore DVD-ROM
DirectX 9.0c

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