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Half Life 2: Nightmare House 2

Half Life 2: Nightmare House 2 - Nah saat nya update game lagi Half Life 2: Nightmare House 2Half Life 2: Nightmare House 2 merupakan game bertema action dan horor yang free van share dengan link mediafire. Nightmare House 2 ini diterbitkan oleh WeCreateStuff di tahun 2011, baiklah langsung saja kita simak Download Game Half Life 2: Nightmare House 2 (PC/ENG) Gratis Link Mediafire di bawah ini cekidot.

Half Life 2: Nightmare House 2

Nightmare House 2 is a, horror themed first person shooter game. In Nightmare House 2, you wake up in an abandoned hospital, not knowing how you were in it, only vague recollections about the girl from the Nightmare House hunting for you. Soon difficult to understand that everything that happens is a dream or reality. How much will it take for you to understand that to run away – not an option.

Half Life 2: Nightmare House 2 is the sequel remake not only in spirit, but also on the plot.Thus, in one "package" with the sequel and you will get a remake (the plot of which, we recall the main character gets into an accident and was forced to go into an abandoned house not far from the scene), which here is the plot a prologue to the second part, and is closely related with its history.But back to the sequel.The plot starts at the very moment when the protagonist, a man without a name and past, awakens in one of the chambers of a psychiatric clinic with an optimistic name Never Lose Hope Hospital.Around lie the corpses of members of the staff, before the eyes of lurking suspiciously familiar to the dead girl, show heightened interest in our person, and the building was flooded from nowhere vylezshie monsters.The instructions of the sole survivor of the hospital staff, Dr. Romero, you have to make its way to freedom.But for this we have to go through a protégé of such nightmares, after which the nine circles of Hell seem flowers.

System requirements:
System: Windows family (XP, Vista, Seven)
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz
Memory: 512 Mb
Video card: 256 Mb
Hard disk space: 5 Gb (NTFS) 

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